Multi-tenant application for transport companies.

The application uses multi-tenant architecture. The front-end is developed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Vue.js. The back-end is developed in PHP with Laravel Framework.

to solve

Transports has been developed in order to solve a problem that may occur in companies whose main object of activity is transport, focusing on passenger transport, namely the roadmaps management and the subscriptions management.

Managing roadmaps, passenger's subscriptions, routes, drivers, cars, cash registers, along with others, can be very difficult if there is no application that stores everything and helps access data from anywhere at any time. Process automation and data collection can help the company with various statistics based on which decisions can be made.


XCODES DEVELOPMENT team came with the idea of building a multi-tenant application based on a monthly or annual subscription, where each user who creates an account in the application becomes the primary administrator and can add their own domain or subdomain within the application domain and their own database.

The very first task was to plan out how to turn the idea of the application into a working solution in the best possible way. After everything has been defined and accepted, XCODES DEVELOPMENT team started to build the application. The back-end was built in PHP with Laravel Framework and the front-end in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, with templating engine Blade and Vue.js.

The aplication uses multi-tenant architecture.



Registration in the application is based on the concept of multi-tenant.
Once the user fills in the requested fields and creates an account, a new database will be automatically added, all tables and seeds will be migrated and the user will be redirected to the filled subdomain.

The user will automatically have the role of main administrator assigned.

transport register


In passenger transport companies, passengers can buy monthly subscription to move from one route to another. There is the possibility to buy subscription on certain days of the month. The application keeps track of all the months and days of the month that belong to the subscriptions.

A subscription belongs to one person. A person can have one ore more subscriptions. The first step in adding a subscription is to add a new person or select the person to own the subscription. If the person already exists, the fields are automatically populated with the previous information that was added to that specific person.

Transports Subscriptions


Roadmap is a document that must be completed by the driver before leaving on a route. The application generates and saves roadmaps. In order to generate a roadmap, fields such as driver, car, cash register, route and program must be completed. After the fields have been filled in, can move to the next step where the data are previewed. After making sure the completed fields are correct can save the file and print. Once the roadmap is saved, it will have the status of pending. Later, after the driver completes the route the pending roadmap opens and a few more fields are added which are collected along the route. After the fields are added and saved, the roadmap will have the finished status.

transports roadmaps

Through this simple process of filling in a few fields, data are collected, stored and can easily show which drivers and which cars are on the route, cash register balances and much more in real time.

Based on collected and stored data, statistics are made that can determine various changes over time, such as reducing the number of cars sent on a given route or changes in routes and programs and much more.



Registration is based on the concept of multi-tenant.


Facilitating the verification of given subscriptions.


Decision making based on collected data on roadmaps.

Dark Mode

Dark mode implemented in application UI.

Role-based Access

Possibility to define roles with different permission.