Definitions serves as an information and advertising platform for the Company`s services, namely all, through which are introduced services such as: Web Development, Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Product Strategy, DevOps and Cloud Services.

Owner means the entity which owns and manages the platform, hence XCODES DEVELOPMENT S.R.L.

Client means any legal persons and/or public authority which can access, browse the website.

User means any natural person, above 18 years old which can access, browse the website.


We are a software development company that loves to build amazing web and mobile apps. Our purpose is to create unique, creative and quality apps that are developed upon the latest modern coding and developing techniques, using the most up to date, structured coding frameworks so that our developers can take it to the next level with ease.

All services offered via is provided by XCODES DEVELOPMENT S.R.L.
The Company can be contacted by the following means:

Postal address: Bănești, no. 521A, Gherghiceni Street, Prahova County, România.

Email address: [email protected]

Phone number: +40 720 136 603

Contact form within the website:


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It is strictly forbidden the unauthorized use of any brand name, logo, emblems posted within the website.

Limits in website use

Whenever you access this website, you agree to use this service only in legal purposes. In particular, you agree to the following:

Not to modify, copy, share, disclose information, display, publish, reproduce, grant licenses, produce derived products, transfer or sell any information or service obtained from or through this website.

Not to allow or authorize another person and/or third party to use the website in order to convey or to receive any materials which may breach any piece of legislation in force or which can be obscene, threatening, aggressive, slanderous, racist, etc.

Not to conduct or allow the conduct of cracking or hacking activities or any other similar attacks to denial of service; users which violate the website`s security, the server`s systems or network that hosts the website, can be prosecuted and sued both for civil or criminal offences.

By accessing and using the website you declare to accept to exonerate the Company from its liability. Therefore, you undertake not to intend a lawsuit against the Company, regarding any claim raised by a third party derived from the usage of the website as well as regarding any loss (direct or indirect, consequential or of other nature), cost, action, process, claim, damage or prejudice, expense (including legal fees) or any other liability occurred or brought by the Company directly or indirectly due to infringement or ignorance of the present policy.

Website content

Information within this website have been introduced with good will only for general knowledge intend. The Company does not ensure that the information contained on the website are complete or precise, this information shall not be considered relevant in certain situations.

None of the displayed information represents a prescription of investment in the Company therefore the Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense (including, but not limited to loss of profit, direct, indirect or consequential) which may occur from the access or usage of the website.

The Company reserves the rights to modify and correct the website, when appropriate in a timely manner, without any prior notification.


Information within the contact form or will be used in order to send users replies to their requests, notifications on possible projects/services and/or notifications on possible promotions, etc.

The Company ensures its users that it will not disclose their email addresses or personal data to any third parties, unless this activity is required by a public authority in compliance with the Romanian or European legislation. Individuals who will use a fake email address, will sent email messages or any other communications in the name of another natural or legal person or entity will be penalized in compliance with the legislation in force.

Personal data

In order to reply to your requests posted through the contact form which can be accessed from our website, we may request a series of personal data, such as: name, email, company and message. We advise you to consult our privacy policy in order to be informed on which information the Company process, in which ways data are collected and used, as well as the rights you have concerning your privacy.

As regard to your personal data included within the contact form, we inform you that they can be used by a Company’s representative to register or make any changes in your requests or provide you further details.

Force majeure

The Company, its affiliates and/or its suppliers cannot be made responsible for any delay or error originated directly or indirectly from situations which do not depend on the Company`s will. This exemption includes, but in not limited to: technical equipment functionality errors, leak of internet connection, leak of phone network connection, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the Company`s systems, operational errors as well as force majeure cases laid down by Romanian legislation and/or EU legislation in force.


The Company can display within its webpages, commercials on its services as well as commercials on services and goods that belong to third parties. By using the website and accepting its terms and conditions, pop-ups and privacy policy, you consent to be the recipient of these commercial communications.

Complaints about breaches on intellectual property protection law

The Company respects the right to intellectual property of third parties. If you notice that our website contains any information which may violate this right, we ask you to send us a notice on our email address, by phone on our number or at our postal address.

Applicable law

Terms and conditions are under the local legislation. In case of a dispute, the parties will try to settle it amicably.
If an understanding cannot occur between the parties involved, then the dispute shall be settled by the competent common courts from the town/city in which the Company has its head-office.

In example, if the website falls under the Romanian legislation, here are some relevant pieces of legislation applicable:

Romanian Civil Code, in force since 2009,

Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 regarding products and services trading on the market,

Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and privacy protection within electronic communications,

Law no. 8/1996 regarding copyright and all related rights,

Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 regarding consumers’ protection.


The Company is not responsible for misprints or display errors regarding prices, features, images, etc. Furthermore, the images offered for the services, or goods provided within the website, are as example and may suffer modifications due to design changes or characteristics without any prior notifications from the suppliers.

Non-warranty statement

You understand and agree with the fact that you use the website on your own risk.

The website provides the services such as and in available form, as far as the law allows. The Company does not specifically grant any guarantee explicit or implicit regarding the website and its usage, including, but not limited to, implied merchantability warranties for a specific purpose identified, accuracy and non-infringement of copyright.

Whenever you will identify, within the content of our website, advertisements or any links to other external products or companies, please take notice that it is made strictly in marketing purposes, therefore the Company is not liable for any service or good belonging to a third party which share their products offers within our website via banner or advertising material and furthermore, the Company will not be liable or present in any transaction between a client and the respective purchaser. Similar with any purchasing action for goods and/or services, when you decide to go further with an offer found in a banner on our website you have to use your best judgment and to keep an eye out when is necessary.

No advice or information provided by the Company, oral or written, within the website, will be considered a guarantee, except if it was stated within the present terms and conditions.

Liability limitation statement

You understand and agree that the Company will not be liable for any directly or indirectly, incidental, specialized, consequently or exemplary damages which include, but is not limited to, damages on profit, clients, data loss which derives from:

Website usage or incapacity of use.

Statement or behavior of a third party when using the website.

Inaccuracies, mistakes or content errors.

Personal damages, or property damages, with no regard towards the nature of it, derived from your usage and access of the website.

Any computer viruses, “trojan-horse” or similar entities, which can be exchanged through the website.

Any other matter regarding the website, regardless the nature, such as damages, guarantee, contracts, prejudice or any other legal theory.


You agree that on your expense to compensate, to protect the Company, its employee, agencies, and their officials against any complaints, hypothetical complaints, prosecutions, lawsuits, or any administrative procedures which may come from the usage or access of the website or from the violation of the present terms and conditions.

Waiver and indivisibility statement

If any of the parties failed to comply with the rights and provisions stipulated within the present terms and conditions, it will not be interpreted as wavier of that right or provision.

If any provisions of the present document regarding the provided services, including Non-warranty Statement or Liability Limitation Statement, are declared unjustified or invalid by a court of law however, both parties agree that the court should strive in order to put into practice their intentions as they are reflected within that provision, and both parties agree that the rest of them remain valid and in force.